Directed by Ryan Zhang

Produced by Akshay Ravi & Kevin Maxwell

Cinematography by Luke Konopasky

Production Design by Marco Chiong

Set Decoration by Savannah Griffin


On a desolate outpost during the height of the Chinese Civil War, a young soldier must grapple with his morality when he is ordered to execute a child.

CTPR 480 Senior Thesis

- Senior thesis short film set during the Chinese Civil War

- Managed $2,500 budget and team of thirteen people

- Designed and constructed three interior sets and two exterior sets 

Nov 2019 - Mar 2020


Directed by Star Victoria

Produced by Abigail Overstreet, Samuel Skeen, and Laurie Gardner

Cinematography by Becky Chen

Production Design by Jack Walterman

Art Direction by Marco Chiong

- Designed and constructed rafts

Procured set pieces and props

May - Jun 2019


Written & Directed by Kennedy Reed

Produced by Benjamin Baraad

Cinematography by Francisco Covarrubias

Production Design by Marco Chiong

- Decorated the set

- Photographed and manipulated baseball player's headshots

- Crafted paper garland

- Designed and printed business cards and school pennant

Aug - Sept 2018


Written & Directed by Aris Chang

Produced by Reina Akamatsu 

Cinematography by Ashley Ågren

Production Design by Marco Chiong

- Managed the art department budget

- Designed and decorated the set

- Constructed voodoo dolls and costuming

Nov 2018



Written & Directed by Hillary Tzeng

Produced by Chase Wagner 

Cinematography by Aaron Dworetzky

Production Design by Aaron Dworetzky

Art Direction by Marco Chiong

- Constructed and painted flats

- Dressed the set

- Handled fog machine and practical lights

- Folded some of those origami stars

Oct 2018